Trinity (now Trinity St. James)

The date on this photo at the top of this page is 1950.  The building would be aprox. 100 years old at this time. Some history I have read said:

Trinity church was build and furnished gradually in the 1850's as money was raised. in 1858 Bishop Benjamen Cronyn gave the parish twenty pounds to help complete and furnish the building. 

In 1926 certain improvements were made. New pews and new flooring being provided and the interior redecorated. In 1966 alterations were made to the ceiling. The walls in the nave and chancel were painted in a dignified and pleasing manner, incorporating many of the Christian symbols in the desing. On July 29, 1956 a fine Parish Hall was dedicated by Bishop W.A. Townshend - a distinguished son of Trinity Church.  (authour unkown)

The parish of Trinity St. James has a long and joyus history. A brief outline was presented to the Bayfield Historical Society in 2000 by Ralph Smith.  This is here for all to read with a recent update about new "chapters" .